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informal a nomadic or free-spirited person......

informal elegant or stylishly luxurious.....

Welcome to Posh Gypsies !! 

Colourful, fun and trendy outdoor living for modern day Nomads at affordable prices!   Great for your travels, homes & gardens too!
If you are a Camper, Campervaner, Caravaner, Motorhomer, Traveller, Back Gardener, Walker, Adventurer, Glamper, Pet, Hippy, have a Beach hut, a Boat or just an old fashioned Romantic we stock beautiful, fun, bright coloured products you will love for posh outdoor living, parties and fiestas!  

After working in the retail world for 30 years I decided to to wind up my present business and ended up taking a year off, during that time I travelled for several months with Oli, an extremely fun and very unusual Chihuahua (check his instagram #ollie_wonderchi).  We drove around Europe to find inspiration for my next business and re-visited my spiritual home the beautiful Southern Spain for 6 weeks.  I realised how important it was to work with passion and do something you love.  Deciding to try working away from fixed sites, rents and rates 'online' was appealing and it wasn't until we approached our final leg through France heading to Cherbourg that a website for 'Posh Gypsies' (like us!) seemed to me to be a perfect combination.  With the increasing popularity of stay-cations, camping, glamping, campervans, festivals or day trips and picnics (even in the back-garden).  We like to get out and have fun, travel and also like nice things of course and all our home comforts! 


The name? One evening last year in the local pub I got chatting to a friend of a friend who was a ski instructor in winter and odd job man in summer who described himself as a 'Posh Gypsy'.... I loved it... I want to offer products we all need like cups, plates, mats, towels, etc  but also want them to be beautiful, fun, colourful, 'posh' things for the 'best part of life - the journey'! 

I am very much open to comments and suggestions so please contact me through the website form or email and give me your thoughts on the site and the products and even what you would love to see here - I hope its a one-stop-shop for many of you and you will return again and again to create your beautiful 'Posh Gypsy' lifestyle! 

Warmest regards
Peace, Love and Happiness!

Donna & Oli