Personalised Keyring with Leopard Print Bead Design - BE MINE
Personalised Keyring with Leopard Print Bead Design - BE MINE
Personalised Keyring with Leopard Print Bead Design - BE MINE

Personalised Keyring with Leopard Print Bead Design - BE MINE

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Lovely Personalised Keyring with Leopard Bead and message "Be Mine ...." 

We love this keyring as you can have your names etched onto the disc - easy to personalise just using the boxes above !  

The discs we engrave and attach onto the keyring are made from Stainless Steel and available in the sizes indicated.  Being Stainless Steel the discs will not tarnish or oxidise, hard-wearing and Hypoallergenic. We use the latest etching method that bonds the black colour onto the surface therefore the message or image can be clearly seen unlike traditional engraving.


  • Stainless Steel Disc measuring 30mm diameter
  • Split ring and chain made from metal alloy 30mm diameter nickel and lead free
  • Total length of keyring is 9 cm

Please do not hesitate to call or email us if you need any help whatsoever or if you have any special requirements, for example if you would like more than one disc attached to your item.
We endeavour to give you the best service possible..!!


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